Career Opportunities

For employment opportunities at one of our Heritage Golf Group properties, please contact the club directly.

What Our Team Members Say

"I am proud to say I work at Heritage Golf Group. The company truly values its employees and culture, and that enables us to grow and feel passionate about our careers."

- Amanda Zachary, Membership Director, Boulder Ridge Country Club

"I put trust in people with whom I've worked in the past and in people with good reputations in the private club industry. To me, I viewed Heritage as the "A TEAM" in which I wanted to be included.

It is truly a pleasure working at Knollwood Country Club every day, knowing that I have a real partnership with the leaders of Heritage Golf Group and that my voice is heard."

- John Cavaliere, General Manager, Knollwood Country Club

"I have worked in Golf for more than 15 years and I can honestly say that Heritage is the best. From the CEO to the GM's, the company is filled with dynamic and responsive leaders who are looking to not only change the game of golf management but are also responsive to their employee's needs.

I truly enjoy being a part of this TEAM!"

- Eric Escamilla, Membership Director, Grande Dunes Members Club

"Since the transition to the new ownership of Heritage Golf Group in January 2020, the leadership constantly demonstrates their commitment to maximizing the member and employee experience by providing strong resources and empowerment to lead our clubs through this new private club industry experience.

As a General Manager, there is no better work environment than to feel the support from everyone throughout the company which allows us to build great teams and grow through retention and member satisfaction in all areas of the club."

- Dan Riker, General Manager, The Dominion Club

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